Volunteer FAQ

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about volunteering at Hope Children’s Home.


Q: Do I need to schedule a time to volunteer at Hope Children’s Home?

A: All Volunteer Opportunities must be scheduled at least 1 business day in advance, however, there are many Volunteer Opportunities that you can instantly register for on our website—no need to call or email anyone to work out a time!


Q: What is the difference between a volunteer “Event” and a volunteer “Project?”

A: We use these terms to distinguish between two types of volunteer opportunities. An “Event” is a volunteer opportunity in which you will be able to select from a list of pre-determined days and time slots for a particular volunteer need. Since these are pre-determined by us, we are prepared for volunteers during that date and time which means all you have to do is register for it online and show up. You do not need to call or email to schedule or confirm!

A “Project” is a volunteer opportunity in which you will be able to view a list of volunteer needs, but the date and time it is completed is up to you! Projects work well for people who are busy and need to schedule the volunteer opportunity when they have a free moment here or there. To complete a project, browse the list posted under ‘Projects’ on our Volunteer Opportunities page, and find a job you are interested in. Click on that job to see the details and then click the ‘Apply to Participate in this Project’ button. Once you apply, our volunteer coordinator will shortly be in contact with you to find a time that you can complete the volunteer opportunity.


Q: What days can I volunteer?

A: Our volunteer opportunities usually take place Monday through Saturday between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm.


Q: Is there an age requirement to volunteer at Hope Children’s Home?

A: We allow people of all ages to volunteer. However, children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Each person (children and adults) must create a Volunteer Profile.


Q: Will I need a background check to volunteer at Hope Children’s Home?

A: In some cases, you will need a background check. In the event that a background check is required for a Project or Event, when you click on the volunteer opportunity details, you will be directed to contact the Volunteer Coordinator for instructions as to where and what type of background check is required.


Q: Can I complete Community Service hours for school or court by volunteering at Hope Children’s Home?

A: Hope Children’s Home is a great place to complete community service hours for school or court. Students should bring any service documentation forms required by their school to each volunteer shift they have scheduled. It is each student’s responsibility to register as a volunteer before their first visit to Hope Children’s Home and to sign-in upon their arrival. If a student does not sign-in, we will have no record of their volunteer hours and be unable to confirm the time they have logged.

Volunteers may only complete court-ordered service hours for non-violent and non-sexual charges. Volunteers completing court-ordered service hours are required to bring verification of their charges to their first visit and must call the Volunteer Coordinator at (813) 358-2724 prior to scheduling any volunteer shifts.


Q: Can I bring a group to volunteer at Hope Children’s Home?

A: Absolutely! We love having groups come out and volunteer with us! Many companies bring their employees to Hope to give back to the community. Visit our Group Volunteer Opportunities page for more information.


Q: Will I get to interact with the children?

A: Opportunities to interact with our children are limited, for a variety of reasons. However, there are certain Projects and Events that do involve interaction with the children. Be sure to check our Volunteer Opportunities page for details on those Projects and Events.


Q: Will I get to take a tour of your campus?

A: You bet! We have 55 sprawling acres, a boy’s dorm, a girl’s dorm, cottages, a school, and access to two ponds. We would be happy to show you around and let you see how much we have been blessed!


Q: Do I need to have any volunteer experience?

A: No you do not. Anyone can volunteer at Hope Children’s Home regardless of their volunteer experience. Just be sure to complete the Volunteer Profile and choose your Opportunity!


Q: Is there a dress code for volunteering at Hope Children’s Home?

A: If you are volunteering to fill one of our Kitchen shifts you will need to wear close-toed shoes and loose, comfortable clothing. A hair-net will be provided. For other Projects, be sure to wear comfortable clothing that suits the Project or Event.


Q: I looked on the Volunteer Opportunities page and nothing matches my availability or interests. Can I still volunteer?

A: Yes! Whenever possible we will accommodate your specific area of interest. Our Projects vary throughout the year so if we still can’t find a match, just keep checking the Volunteer Opportunities page!


Q: Are there other ways to get involved at Hope Children’s Home besides volunteering?

A: There are many ways that you can partner with Hope. If you have gently-used clothing, furniture, or other household items, you can donate them to Hope Children’s Home. We put many of those donations right to use in one of the Dorms or Cottages. We also have two thrift stores in the Tampa Bay Area and donated items can be sold there with all the proceeds coming right back to Hope.

We have an Immediate Needs List that is updated regularly. These items are our current urgent needs. You can also make a one-time or recurring financial donation by Donating Here.


Q: I have a great idea for a project. Who should I contact?

A: We would love to hear your ideas on how you can get involved! Just contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Chris Tagliarini, at ctagliarini@hopechildrenshome.org and keep those ideas coming!


Q: Where are you located?

A: We are in the Citrus Park area of Tampa, just north of the Tampa International Airport. Our address is:

11415 Hope International Dr,
Tampa, FL 33625


Q: I have a question that you didn’t answer. Who should I contact?

A: For any other questions about volunteering or volunteer opportunities, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Chris Tagliarini, at ctagliarini@hopechildrenshome.org