Cottages of Hope

Founded in 1968, Hope Children’s Home began to reach out to children in need by providing them a stable, loving, and secure home.  The early years of Hope began with “Dad” and “Mom” McGowan helping children of various ages but primarily school aged children.  Over the years, the average age of children in our care has continued to decrease to the point of caring for infants who are just days old.  It became evident that caring for infants and toddlers within our large dormitories of 30+ older children was not sufficient.

Dr. Mike Higgins had a vision of creating a smaller, more intimate family setting for our younger children as well as our growing number of sibling groups.  Finally, our prayers have been answered! Praise to our Lord and with much thankfulness to many generous donors, we have began the “Cottages of Hope” project. The first two cottages are complete and nestled within a beautifully dedicated village setting within our 55 acre campus including the magnificent “Kforce Park.”  Our vision is to build a total of 6 cottages, which would house over 70 children.  The next cottage could begin construction with your help!

Two key factors to consider for this important project are:

  1. The ability to keep siblings together in a small group setting allowing the children to develop in a normal family environment that teaches them life skills, interpersonal relationships, responsibility, and Christian values. These cottages will have one set of house parents for each cottage who will care for the children in a traditional 24/7 setting.
  2. The ability to expand our acceptance of children as young as infants into our care while providing a safe, loving, and nurturing environment that is focused on their individual, age appropriate needs.


Karen Sanders Cottage                                                             Edna Oliver Cottage


 Cottages of Hope Site Plan