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TentsOur elementary children have been working so hard for the first 9 weeks of this semester to attend the very exciting “Camp-In!” In order to attend, each student needed to earn 850 points. They could earn points many ways, including getting A’s on tests or quizzes, reading books, being a helper, doing extra credit, and more. They could also earn tickets to spend during the event. Our 10th-12th graders were in charge of planning the event including the schedule, decorating, the food, and the activities. They did a great job! To prepare for the event, the children also had the opportunity to decorate their tent however they wanted, and we were so impressed with some of their creativity!
hope christian school camp inhope christian school students

All the children arrived at 6 pm on Friday where they were greeted with a foggy, “starry night” including night outdoor sounds. They began with dinner of corndogs, hot dogs, and some even had steak because they had the most earned points! The evening was full of indoor and outdoor games, booths where they could spend their tickets, a bonfire, and movies! The children had such a great time, and we are so proud of them for their hard work in school to be able to attend.
Hope christian school k4 k5hope christian school camp fire

We want to thank those that support us. We would not be able to do activities like this without your support to help give these children a well-rounded childhood and education. We look forward to seeing the exciting things the rest of this school year has in store!

To help us continue providing events like this for the children, please DONATE HERE.




Last Chance to Help in 2015

Last chanceWe would like to thank all of you who helped the children for Christmas. They were blessed beyond measure with gifts they asked for personally as well as gifts for the ministry. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to help yet, it’s not too late! This has been a tough financial year for us, so please consider helping the children before 2015 ends. DONATE NOW!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Make the Children’s Holidays Special!

We are asked a lot, “How can I help the children for the holidays?

We have tried to make this easy by creating a Thanksgiving Dinner Needs List and a Christmas Wish List. We have been using instasave to save photos and videos from instagram to get ideas of what we really need for this dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner Needs




When you are cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for over 70 children, it takes a lot of ingredients! So, if you would like to help provide some of our food items, see our Thanksgiving Dinner Needs, and you can purchase them and bring them by our campus at 11415 Hope International Drive, Tampa,  Tues-Sat, 9 am – 4 pm. Are you out of state? You can donate online and designate it for our food needs.






For our Christmas Wish List, we have created Wish List Registries for Walmart, Target, and, provided a list of gift cards that are a tremendous blessing to purchase items that are needed for the children, and we have also provided a list of Daily Items that are needed throughout the year.

Of course, our greatest need for the holidays is finances to help care for these children on a daily basis. Will you consider giving a special Christmas Offering? You can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation here.

Whether you provide food for Thanksgiving, purchase items on our Christmas Wish List, or give a special Christmas offering, we want to you thank you so much for making the holidays extra special for the children! You are making a difference in their lives!




Children Helping Children



Each year, our children go on a family vacation. This year, our older children decided they wanted to use the funds for a missions trip instead of vacation. So, our 7th-12th graders and 10 staff members spent a week in Monroe, NC, completely renovating a children’s home that will help children just like them. The children started by demoing a wall and some bathrooms, then rebuilt, installed, assembled, painted, decorated, and cleaned each room in the house. This was an incredible, memorable week, and we wanted to share our “after” photos with you!

Powder Room

Powder Room

Play Room

Play Room

Play Room

Play Room

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room

Dining Room

One of the girl's bedrooms

One of the girl’s bedrooms

One of the boys bedrooms

One of the boys bedrooms

Match Your Gift

Dave Dunkel at our first cottage dedication


Must give before July 31st!

Our ministry has changed dramatically over the past several years. First of all, we care for more children than ever before with over 85 children currently residing at Hope. Secondly, we continue to receive more babies and siblings, which requires specialized housing. Our phones are busy nearly every day with more children needing to come into our care, but we simply do not have the room for them, especially for the babies. In short, we need to build another cottage immediately!

The Opportunity… Please note the grant proposal letter from the Fezziwig-WWJD Foundation. (below)  The grant is for $125,000.00 but will only be given if matched by July 31st! cottage_blackThis is a great opportunity for your contribution to be matched dollar for dollar.  We have already received some funding for our next cottage, and if we are able to match the Fezziwig grant, then we can start construction immediately! I am trusting the Lord by having the permits pulled and ready to go.

I know you would agree that we do not want to lose a single penny of this grant money, so your immediate help is greatly needed today. Will you please join with us so that we can begin building this next cottage and start caring for more children? Remember, every dollar you give will turn into two!

If you give by mail, please indicate Fezziwig Grant on your check or DONATE HERE.  Please choose Fezziwig/Cottage Construction on our donate page.  Your support is much appreciated!



site plan  Fezziwig-Grant-Letter

Field Day

Jeruel Photography ©Field Day is an annual tradition that we have been doing for many years at our school. It’s a fun day to celebrate the end of the school year and all the accomplishments the children have made with their schoolwork. All the students and staff look forward to this day all school year long! The children are split up into different teams, and they compete in games and challenges to be the champions. This year, we honored our military and first responders with our teams, the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police Officers, and Firemen. All of the children, from 2 years old to 18 get involved by having team spirit with their grand entrance ceremony. Each team tries to outdo each other by coming up with a wild, dramatic entrance. This is certainly the highlight of the day since all the teams work, plan, and practice for weeks to wow the rest of the teams. A special thank you to the Tampa Fire Department for bringing out a fire truck so our daycare children could have an awesome entrance! Some of the little ones even came in on a jogger stroller, that were purchased from the baby stroller center, disguised as mini firetrucks.

This year, the teams did relay races, sand scavenger hunts for the younger ones, dodgeball, knockout, paper airplane races, arm wrestling, and our new favorite game, the Human Hungry Hippo Game! The day finished with a candy toss and awards ceremony. Congratulations to this year’s champion, the Army!

All the teams and organizers did a great job to make another successful Field Day this year! Thank you to everyone that support Hope so that we are able to give the children special days like this that make lasting memories for them.

To learn more about our school, visit our School Website. If you would like to support the children, you can Donate Here.

View all the pictures from field day here.

Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography ©  Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography ©
IMG_0029 Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography ©

Imagine Life Without Your Mother


There are certain days that are a little more difficult than others for many of our children.

One of those days is just around the corner, and that day is Mother’s Day. On May 10th, many of us will celebrate our mothers and what they mean to us. For many of our children, that day is not a day of celebration. Often times, it is a day of bad memories and to some, a day of sadness in that their Mother has passed away, abandoned them, is imprisoned, or has never been a part of their life at all.

Most of us have great memories of our parents and more specifically, of our mother.  Furthermore, if you were blessed to have grown up in a Christian home, then your memories may include your mother as the nurturing figure who kept the significance of family and children at the forefront of importance.  For the children at Hope, life is a much different story.

Bella Family_1Recently,  we took in a family of four children.  Late in the evening, after a fourteen hour drive from Mississippi, they arrived at Hope Children’s Home.  Their 70-year-old grandmother had graciously taken them into her care, but between her age and economics, it became clear that she needed help. With 79 children currently in our care, we were soon to have 83 children with over half of those being under the age of 10.  These four beautiful children were now counting on us to care for them.  Elizabeth (12), Eddie (11), Autumn (9), and Isabella (3).  Their story is typical of most of the children at Hope.  Elizabeth and Eddie’s father had been killed years earlier by a drug deal that had gone bad.  After their mother remarried, the step father and their mother became so abusive to the children that they both were sentenced to prison.  Mother’s Day for this family will not be filled with good memories.  That is where you can help.

We are beginning our first annual Mother’s Day Offering.  Maybe you are a mother who has many memories current day or from the past of all the special times you have spent with your children such as a day in the park, crafts, board games, sports, family vacation, etc.  You can give a special offering so that we can offer these same memories to the children at Hope who will never have a mother like you.

IsabellaMaybe you have fond memories of your mother and would like to give as a way to show your love and support for the children in our care. Although their mother may not be a part of their life, with your help, Hope Children’s Home can continue to offer these children a place of love and security.  Providing them with a happy childhood and training them up in such a way so that one day they can be the mothers and fathers they need to be for their children.

May the Lord richly bless you as you give to make this Mother’s Day a special day for the children.

Please consider participating our 1st Annual Mother’s Day Offering.




Meet our Graduates

school-logo_bigThe 2014-15 school year is quickly coming to an end here at Hope Christian School. Our graduation date is Friday, May 29th at 7:00 pm.  This time of year brings many mixed emotions for staff and students.  We are thrilled about finishing another year of school and grateful to see our students developing academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually. However, we are sad because we will miss our senior as she goes off to college. We understand that this is a vital part of the growth process, and so, it is bittersweet.

As we look back on the year and how God has blessed us, we are truly amazed at how He takes care of His children each and every day.  We are thankful that the Lord has allowed us to work with over 75 children this year. We have seen some of our children come to know the Lord as their Savior and many other children have made good spiritual decisions. We were able to rescue over 20 new children that we know are safe here at Hope. We are also grateful to see some of our children re-united with their families. As we look back on all the blessings of the year, we could not list them all.  We are very appreciative to every donor, sponsor, volunteer, and visitor that has helped to make a difference in the lives of the children here at Hope. I would like to introduce our only 2014-15 graduate.

Jeruel Photography ©Hello, my name is Brittany and I am 18 years old, and I have been at Hope for the past 12 years. I first came to Hope when I was 5 years old.  My parents went through a divorce, and my father was raising my brother, Michael, and I. My dad remarried and my step-mother did not love us and was abusive. My father put us in and out of Hope several times, and then the final time he placed us at Hope, he told us he never wanted to see or contact us again. However, the Lord had a plan and worked through all this to later allow us to be adopted by staff members of Hope. I am so thankful that God kept Michael and me together.  We now have a new family that loves us and takes great care of us. I accepted the Lord as my Savior on April 4th, 2014.  I am still not sure what the Lord wants me to do after I graduate.  However, I am interested in the field of Dentistry and Criminal justice.  Please pray for me as I prepare to go to college this fall and as I continue to seek the Lord’s provision and direction for my life.

K5 graduates

Alexus, Atley, Ruby, Nathan, Mary

We are so proud of our 2015 Kindergarten graduates   for their hard work this year. Mrs. Patsy has helped them learn many things over the course of the year. They learned all 66 Books of the Bible and many Bible verses. They learned to add, subtract, count money, and tell time. They also learned the 50 States, the 44 U.S. Presidents,  how to read, and to write cursive. They have learned many exciting things and are eager to be graduating to first grade. As always, we appreciate your continued prayers and support for the children!

Learn More about our School, Sponsor a Child’s Education, or Donate.



Work Groups are a Blessing!



Wow, have we been busy around here the last few weeks! We have two major projects that we are working on across our property. First, we are completing a major structural repair and re-roofing of our Girls Dorm and Welcome Center. These are the original buildings that were here when we moved to this property in 1972, and are in desperate need of the work we are completing.  Secondly, we have a few very old staff cottages that are falling apart beyond repair. We are currently in the process of demolishing and rebuilding them. These projects are huge and we could have never done it without groups like Buckeye Baptist Builders, Church Building Ministries Inc, Gethsemane Baptist Temple, the Edwards Family, the Toth Family, the Wiendel family, Dockside Roofing, and Kforce. These groups have been a tremendous blessing!

In just a few short weeks, these volunteers have torn off the old Girl’s Dorm and Welcome Center roofs, rebuilt them merging the two roofs into one, and installed the new roof. It looks great and we are so thrilled to get this way project finished just before the rainy season starts! These same volunteers also tore down the old staff houses, and built a brand new one! They covered all of the details including: concrete, framing, plumbing, electrical, trim, floors, and the list goes on! We simply could not accomplish all of this without these amazing and talented work groups. Your talent and servant’s heart is deeply appreciated and such a blessing! Thank you for your love for the children!

If you are interested in bringing a work group to our campus for a project, please contact Matt Higgins.


Girl’s Dorm & Welcome Center Roof Project

Staff Cottage Project



Provide Easter Outfits for the Children

EasterEaster is coming quickly, and in the past, the children have enjoyed going shopping to purchase new Easter outfits. As you can imagine, with over 70 children, the cost can be quite high! We usually rely on gift cards that are received for Christmas to help with the cost, but unfortunately this year we received fewer gift cards than usual and will not have enough for Easter outfits. If you would like to be a blessing to the children, donate now so the children are able to go shopping again this year.  The children are so proud to be able to wear a new outfit like all the other children in church.  We know they will greatly appreciate anything you do for them.

Thank you so much for being a blessing to the children!