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Help our College Students

West Coast studentsFor many children’s homes and even foster care, when a child graduates from high school, they are forced to be on their own or simply leave. At Hope, when a child comes into our care, they become our family. Many of them do not have a place to go or a family to live with. We treat these children just like they are our own. After they graduate, many of them stay and work for the summer, and we take them to college, set up their room, and help them get settled in. When they have Christmas break, they come back to Hope, which they refer to as their “home.”

As you can imagine, college tuition can add up very quickly if you have eight college students like we do now. They all get jobs and work to earn money the best they can, but with college prices raising every year, it’s tough to cover the whole bill!

We have developed a College Scholarship Fund to help supplement these student’s college bill, so they can continue their education without having to sit out because of finances. Will you consider giving toward the College Scholarship Fund? This is a great way for you to have a part in seeing these children graduate and succeed. Thank you so much for considering helping our college students!