Exciting News from Youth Conference


Headed off to Youth Conference!

Our teens are very involved in the youth group at our church, Southside Baptist Church. Every year, our teens (7th-12th grade) have the opportunity to attend a Youth Conference in the Spring and Youth Camp in the summer. This past weekend, they attended a 3-day Youth Conference where they heard great preaching and had a blast with a ton of activities.  During our morning church service yesterday, they all had the opportunity to share their testimonies and decisions. Five of the teens trusted Christ as their Saviour, and several dedicated their lives to the Lord! It is such a blessing to see the Lord work in the lives of these young people.

Southside Baptist Church
In last evening’s service, the teens took over through singing and preaching. It was exciting to hear six teen boys preach the Word of God. We are very blessed to have a great church to attend and a godly pastor who truly loves the children and invests greatly in their lives. Please continue to pray for the young people with their new decisions that they will stay strong and live for the Lord.


Youth Conference

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Teen Service

Southside Baptist Church  Southside Baptist Church Southside Baptist Church

Visiting our College Students

In addition to the 70+ children that we care for, we also have many college students in several different colleges across the country. This week, we were able to take two of our high school students to visit Pensacola Christian College to see the school, attend classes, and also visit three of our own students that currently attend there. You can meet them below.

 (pictured 2nd from left) is a sophomore Early Childhood Major with a Spanish minor. She had the opportunity to work for the summer in our home in Honduras and loved it. She hopes to work with children after graduation and possibly even return to Honduras.

Jennifer (pictured 4th from left) is studying in her sophomore year of Medical Office Administration. She hopes to find a godly husband and work in a pediatric clinic after college.

Jose (pictured 3rd from left) only has a few months until graduation! After 4 years of studying Business Management, he plans to continue his education after graduation by obtaining his Masters Degree.


Our college students giving a campus tour

These are just three of our many other college students in several other schools. As you probably know, college tuition can be very pricey especially when there are so many students to help through college. If you would like to help with our College Scholarship Fund, please donate here. Just choose “Other” and designate your gift for the College Scholarship Fund. Thank you so much for helping these college students succeed in this major stage of their lives!

Meet our New Children


Morgan, 10 months old


Mason, 2 years old







Meet our newest additions to the Hope Family!
Morgan, 10 months old, and Mason, 2 yrs old, came to us from a homeless shelter here in Florida. The father has recently went to prison and the mother is unable to care for them. Our prayer is with the children in our care, the mother will have the opportunity to get back on her feet and make a life for her and her children.

Of course, with all the babies we have received recently, this creates a lot of needs! We need your help! Especially with some gerber training pants.

There are 4 ways you can help.

1. Donate now to help us with these needs. (Designate it for Baby Needs in the “Other” field)

2. Mail a check or a Walmart or Target Gift Card to 11415 Hope Int’l Drive, Tampa, FL 33625

3. Visit our Giving Catalog where you can donate the funds to purchase specific needs for the babies like these new baby boy onesies.

4. If you live in the Tampa area, visit our Immediate Needs List where you can purchase and drop off the items at Hope Children’s Home

Thank you for helping the children!

Spirit Week…Go Eagles!

One of the highlights of the school year for the children is “Spirit Week.” These three days, the students dress up in different crazy ways to show their school spirit for our final boys’ and girls’ basketball tournament that is this weekend. For each “Spirit Day,” the classes go all out and even the teachers get involved! Spirit Week ends with a big pep rally to send our teams off to the tournament and announce the winners for each spirit day that were the best dressed and most creative.

The theme days this year are:
Day 1: Nerd Day
Day 2: Tacky Mismatch Day
Day 3: Extreme Blue & White Day

We are proud of our school and basketball teams for their godly testimony and hard work. Our girls team is undefeated this season! Our tournament will be held at Clearwater Christian College this weekend. Come out and support the Hope Eagles! To see pictures of the children from Spirit week, visit our Facebook Page.

For more information on how you can support Hope Christian School and our sports program, visit our school website or donate now.


James’ Story

James, now 16 years old, came into our home 8 1/2 years ago with his two brothers and two sisters.  When James came to Hope, he was very behind in school and struggled emotionally. Over the years, not only has he grown physically (over 12 inches in just one year!), he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour, is back on his grade level making A’s and B’s for the first time ever in his life, and has found victory over some of the emotional issues of his past.

For many years, James and his brothers lived in the boys dorm separately from their sisters  in the girls dorm. It was a blessing  as we opened our second cottage this past year to be able to allow this family to live together in the same home. We are excited to see how James has grown spiritually and made this important step of baptism in his spiritual life. Please pray for James and his family as they continue to follow the Lord’s leading is their lives.

To help us continue to keep families like James’ together, please donate here.



Meet our New Child


Jordan, 15 yrs. old

A new year always puts you in a mindset of a fresh start or a new beginning. For our newest child, Jordan, this is a new start in her life that is good, but may come with challenges and adjustments. Jordan is 15 years old and from Savannah, GA. She has had some struggles in her life, please pray for her transition as she acclamates to her new environment.

To help provide needs for Jordan and other children in our care, please visit our Immediate Needs List, Giving Catalog, or Donate Page.


Last Chance to Help the Children in 2013

We would like to thank all of you who helped the children for Christmas. They were blessed beyond measure with gifts they asked for personally as well as gifts for the ministry. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to help yet, it’s not too late! This has been a very tough financial year for us, so please consider helping the children before 2013 ends. DONATE NOW!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Welcome to our New Website!

welcomeWe are so excited to have a brand new website! Please browse through our easy navigation and learn more about Hope Children’s Home along with how you can provide immediate needs for the children.  Enjoy new features such as booking our choir online, scheduling a work group, and or signing up for specific volunteer opportunities. Don’t want to purchase items but want to give funds towards specific items we need? Browse our Hope Giving Catalog where you can give a specific gift for a specific need. We also have a brand new Hope Christian School and Hope of Honduras website! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Hope Children’s Home; please help us “Rescue the Next Generation.”