Work Groups are a Blessing!



Wow, have we been busy around here the last few weeks! We have two major projects that we are working on across our property. First, we are completing a major structural repair and re-roofing of our Girls Dorm and Welcome Center. These are the original buildings that were here when we moved to this property in 1972, and are in desperate need of the work we are completing.  Secondly, we have a few very old staff cottages that are falling apart beyond repair. We are currently in the process of demolishing and rebuilding them. These projects are huge and we could have never done it without groups like Buckeye Baptist Builders, Church Building Ministries Inc, Gethsemane Baptist Temple, the Edwards Family, the Toth Family, the Wiendel family, Dockside Roofing, and Kforce. These groups have been a tremendous blessing!

In just a few short weeks, these volunteers have torn off the old Girl’s Dorm and Welcome Center roofs, rebuilt them merging the two roofs into one, and installed the new roof. It looks great and we are so thrilled to get this way project finished just before the rainy season starts! These same volunteers also tore down the old staff houses, and built a brand new one! They covered all of the details including: concrete, framing, plumbing, electrical, trim, floors, and the list goes on! We simply could not accomplish all of this without these amazing and talented work groups. Your talent and servant’s heart is deeply appreciated and such a blessing! Thank you for your love for the children!

If you are interested in bringing a work group to our campus for a project, please contact Matt Higgins.


Girl’s Dorm & Welcome Center Roof Project

Staff Cottage Project



Provide Easter Outfits for the Children

EasterEaster is coming quickly, and in the past, the children have enjoyed going shopping to purchase new Easter outfits. As you can imagine, with over 70 children, the cost can be quite high! We usually rely on gift cards that are received for Christmas to help with the cost, but unfortunately this year we received fewer gift cards than usual and will not have enough for Easter outfits. If you would like to be a blessing to the children, donate now so the children are able to go shopping again this year.  The children are so proud to be able to wear a new outfit like all the other children in church.  We know they will greatly appreciate anything you do for them.

Thank you so much for being a blessing to the children!


Introducing our New Board of Directors

Our theme for Hope Ministries this year is “New Beginnings.” There are many areas of ministry that will be new for us this coming year. We are praying to construct new cottages both in Tampa as well as Honduras.  We will receive many new children into our care this year that will have a new beginning in their lives.  We have been blessed with new staff, and we are excited to announce a new Board of Directors for Hope International Ministries.

Please allow us to introduce our new Directors.

John Mitten         Buddy Morrow         Tim Murphy
Mr. John Mitten                           Dr. Bryan “Buddy” Morrow      Mr. Tim Murphy
Owner/Operator                             Executive Director                           Retired Operations Director
Chick-fil-A Restaurant                    CITA Rescue Mission                        Cisco Systems
Brooksville, FL                                 Former Executive Director of
.                                                        Hope Children’s Home

Naill         Pastor-Tom-Odom-Picture         Sommerdorf
Pastor Scott Naill                        Pastor Tom Odom                      Evangelist David Sommerdorf
Faith Baptist Church                       First Baptist Church                       Sommerdorf Ministries
Faith Baptist Academy                    First Baptist Church School
Wesley Chapel, FL                            Hollywood, FL

Pastor Joel Tillis
Suncoast Baptist Church
Suncoast Baptist Academy
Palmetto, FL

Spirit Week at our School

One of the highlights of the school year for the children is “Spirit Week.” These five days, the students dress up in different crazy ways to show their school spirit for our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams. For each “Spirit Day,” the classes go all out, and even the teachers get involved! Spirit Week ends with a big pep rally to support our teams and announce the winners for each spirit day that were the best dressed and most creative.

The theme days this year are:
Day 1: Crazy Mismatch Day – Dress totally crazy!
Day 2: Twin Day – Choose one or more friends and dress alike.
Day 3: Dynamic Duo Day – Choose a friend and dress like a famous pair.
(Batman and Robin, Salt and Pepper, Fred and Wilma…you get the idea!)
Day 4: Throwback Thursday – Pick an era and dress up like they did then.
Day 5: Extreme Blue & White Day – Go nuts wearing our school colors!

We are proud of our school and basketball teams for their godly testimony and hard work.  If you live in the area, check our Basketball Schedule, and come out and support the Hope Eagles! To see pictures of the children from Spirit week, visit our Facebook Page.

For more information on how you can support Hope Christian School and our sports program, visit our School Website or Donate Now.


Happy New Year!


There’s always something exciting about a new year or fresh start. It’s a time to refocus after the holidays. It’s a time to reflect on the events from the year before and facing the unknown of what the next year will bring. For us at Hope, we don’t know what children will come our way or need our help, but we know that we will continue to do the same thing we have always done, which is help change these children’s lives by giving them a loving environment, providing them with an excellent education, and teaching them the Word of the God. We have seen thousands of children over the last 47 years flourish using this same formula. It’s exciting to see a child get their “fresh start” or “new beginning” when they come to Hope. John and Emily, siblings, know exactly what this fresh start is all about when they came to Hope over 7 years ago. Read about their story in our current Jan/Feb Newsletter.

We are so thankful for all of you who have supported us from the beginning or just beginning to support us. You have a part in rescuing these children and giving them a loving home. We could not do what we do if not for your financial support. Would you like to help us give a child a fresh new start? Please Donate Now! You can make a one-time donation or help support the children all year long with a recurring monthly donation. You can also check out our Immediate Needs and Giving Catalog. Thank you so much for helping us “Rescue the Next Generation” for another year!




Last Chance to Help the Children in 2014

We would like to thank all of you who helped the children for Christmas. They were blessed beyond measure with gifts they asked for personally as well as gifts for the ministry. For those of you that have not had the opportunity to help yet, it’s not too late! This has been a very tough financial year for us, so please consider helping the children before 2014 ends. DONATE NOW!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



Help the Children at Christmas

help a child at christmasChristmas is a special time of year at Hope. The children have the opportunity to minister through many churches, businesses, and organizations. We are also blessed by those same churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals who give to help make the children’s Christmas extra special. We often get asked, “How can I help the children for Christmas?” We have asked the children what gifts they would wish for, and we have also added items that are needed for the ministry in general.

We have placed all these items in one easy spot on our Christmas Wish List found right here on our website.  You will also find a link to registries such as Target and Wal-Mart on our Christmas Wish List.  The registries are made up of items needed or wished for by the children.  These work well for us as it eliminates any duplications and makes certain your giving is directed in the best possible way.  Of course, finances are always a major need in caring for the children on a daily basis as well.  All monitary donations are greatly appreciated.

There are 2 ways you can Help for Christmas.

  1. Donate Now
    (or mail a check to: 11415 Hope Int’l Dr, Tampa, FL 33625)
  2. Choose something from our Christmas Wish List.

Thank You so much for making this an extra special Christmas for the children!


Back to School

photo 1Yes, you read it right. School is back in session! We are excited to begin a new year. We educate our children on our campus at Hope Christian School. We are a fully accredited school with Preschool through 12th Grade. We use the Abeka curriculum with traditional teaching in the younger classes and the DVD teaching in our upper classes with high-end math and sciences in the high school.

Our students also enjoy playing school to school sports in the Suncoast Christian Conference. Along with a relationship with Christ and a loving home environment, we believe that education is vitally important in a child’s well-rounded success. Of course, with this tremendous endeavor, comes many needs and expenses. We need your help!

You can Sponsor a Child’s Education, help with our Sports Program, or help provide our School Supply Needs. Thank you for helping us “Educate the Next Generation.”

Visit our School site.

photo 3      Bball

Elementary      photo 2



Governor Rick Scott Visits Hope

Today was a historical day at Hope Children’s Home. We were honored to have Governor Rick Scott here on our campus! Around 200 people including many from the community, local churches, news media, and our children and staff gathered as we listened to the governor speak of his care and concern for children. We also had the opportunity to hear from Representative James Grant and Mr. Bill Bunkley, a Christian political columnist and commentator. Belen, one of our college students, shared her testimony of how Hope has helped her and her four siblings stay together as a family when they came to Hope over nine years ago. The event ended with all of our children singing a special song for the governor, “In God We Trust.”

Following the event, the children had a great time playing on the playground with Governor Scott and taking some selfies! We are so blessed that the Lord allowed this opportunity for us to share what work He has done here at Hope in the lives of these children. It was an honor to host this special event, and we hope it is something the children will never forget.

Help provide for some of our Immediate Needs or Sign up for our Newsletter so you can keep up with what’s going on at Hope!

Gov. Scott saw our one our cottages.                          Dixie shows off her room and tells her story.
Gov. Scott with Dr. Mike & Chris Higgins                     Representative James Grant
RickScott_015     RickScott_018
Belen gave her testimony.                                            Bill Bunkley 
RickScott_027     RickScott_026
Selfie with the Governor!



Jeruel Photography







Congratulations Jose!

It was aboJose_youngut 12 years ago, when a family of five children were placed at Hope Children’s Home. Two girls, a boy, and a set of twins, Jose and Miriam. They didn’t know their father, and their mother could not take care of them. They all were saved, baptized, and grew in the Lord at Hope. Miriam, Jose’s twin, attended West Coast Baptist Bible College and received her Bachelor’s degree in three years. Today, we saw Jose, now 22, cross the platform and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management at Pensacola Christian College. Jose and his family have gone through some tough times in their lives, and most in his family have never even graduated high school; we are so proud of him for working hard, and accomplishing this in his life with the Lord’s help. 







Jose plans to move to Maine where he has a job opportunity and will continue his education to receive his Masters Degree.  Please continue to pray for Jose and his upcoming decisions. It is for children like Jose and his family that Hope Children’s Home exists. To receive a child, teach him the things of the Lord, equip him with a great education, and send him out to serve the Lord with all his might. This could not happen if not for God’s help and your support and investment in these children’s lives. When you give to Hope, you are helping children like Jose and his family.

If you would like to help children like Jose, DONATE HERE.

Congratulations Jose! We Love you and are proud of you!