TentsOur elementary children have been working so hard for the first 9 weeks of this semester to attend the very exciting “Camp-In!” In order to attend, each student needed to earn 850 points. They could earn points many ways, including getting A’s on tests or quizzes, reading books, being a helper, doing extra credit, and more. They could also earn tickets to spend during the event. Our 10th-12th graders were in charge of planning the event including the schedule, decorating, the food, and the activities. They did a great job! To prepare for the event, the children also had the opportunity to decorate their tent however they wanted, and we were so impressed with some of their creativity!
hope christian school camp inhope christian school students

All the children arrived at 6 pm on Friday where they were greeted with a foggy, “starry night” including night outdoor sounds. They began with dinner of corndogs, hot dogs, and some even had steak because they had the most earned points! The evening was full of indoor and outdoor games, booths where they could spend their tickets, a bonfire, and movies! The children had such a great time, and we are so proud of them for their hard work in school to be able to attend.
Hope christian school k4 k5hope christian school camp fire

We want to thank those that support us. We would not be able to do activities like this without your support to help give these children a well-rounded childhood and education. We look forward to seeing the exciting things the rest of this school year has in store!

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