Make the Children’s Holidays Special!

We are asked a lot, “How can I help the children for the holidays?

We have tried to make this easy by creating a Thanksgiving Dinner Needs List and a Christmas Wish List. We have been using instasave to save photos and videos from instagram to get ideas of what we really need for this dinner.

Thanksgiving Dinner Needs




When you are cooking a Thanksgiving dinner for over 70 children, it takes a lot of ingredients! So, if you would like to help provide some of our food items, see our Thanksgiving Dinner Needs, and you can purchase them and bring them by our campus at 11415 Hope International Drive, Tampa,  Tues-Sat, 9 am – 4 pm. Are you out of state? You can donate online and designate it for our food needs.






For our Christmas Wish List, we have created Wish List Registries for Walmart, Target, and, provided a list of gift cards that are a tremendous blessing to purchase items that are needed for the children, and we have also provided a list of Daily Items that are needed throughout the year.

Of course, our greatest need for the holidays is finances to help care for these children on a daily basis. Will you consider giving a special Christmas Offering? You can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation here.

Whether you provide food for Thanksgiving, purchase items on our Christmas Wish List, or give a special Christmas offering, we want to you thank you so much for making the holidays extra special for the children! You are making a difference in their lives!




2 thoughts on “Make the Children’s Holidays Special!

  1. Mindy swem

    My family and I would love to help anyway we can. Please let us know how we can make the children’s holiday and everyday special
    Please email us or phone at 727 692 2467


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