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Dave Dunkel at our first cottage dedication


Must give before July 31st!

Our ministry has changed dramatically over the past several years. First of all, we care for more children than ever before with over 85 children currently residing at Hope. Secondly, we continue to receive more babies and siblings, which requires specialized housing. Our phones are busy nearly every day with more children needing to come into our care, but we simply do not have the room for them, especially for the babies. In short, we need to build another cottage immediately!

The Opportunity… Please note the grant proposal letter from the Fezziwig-WWJD Foundation. (below)  The grant is for $125,000.00 but will only be given if matched by July 31st! cottage_blackThis is a great opportunity for your contribution to be matched dollar for dollar.  We have already received some funding for our next cottage, and if we are able to match the Fezziwig grant, then we can start construction immediately! I am trusting the Lord by having the permits pulled and ready to go.

I know you would agree that we do not want to lose a single penny of this grant money, so your immediate help is greatly needed today. Will you please join with us so that we can begin building this next cottage and start caring for more children? Remember, every dollar you give will turn into two!

If you give by mail, please indicate Fezziwig Grant on your check or DONATE HERE.  Please choose Fezziwig/Cottage Construction on our donate page.  Your support is much appreciated!



site plan  Fezziwig-Grant-Letter

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