Imagine Life Without Your Mother


There are certain days that are a little more difficult than others for many of our children.

One of those days is just around the corner, and that day is Mother’s Day. On May 10th, many of us will celebrate our mothers and what they mean to us. For many of our children, that day is not a day of celebration. Often times, it is a day of bad memories and to some, a day of sadness in that their Mother has passed away, abandoned them, is imprisoned, or has never been a part of their life at all.

Most of us have great memories of our parents and more specifically, of our mother.  Furthermore, if you were blessed to have grown up in a Christian home, then your memories may include your mother as the nurturing figure who kept the significance of family and children at the forefront of importance.  For the children at Hope, life is a much different story.

Bella Family_1Recently,  we took in a family of four children.  Late in the evening, after a fourteen hour drive from Mississippi, they arrived at Hope Children’s Home.  Their 70-year-old grandmother had graciously taken them into her care, but between her age and economics, it became clear that she needed help. With 79 children currently in our care, we were soon to have 83 children with over half of those being under the age of 10.  These four beautiful children were now counting on us to care for them.  Elizabeth (12), Eddie (11), Autumn (9), and Isabella (3).  Their story is typical of most of the children at Hope.  Elizabeth and Eddie’s father had been killed years earlier by a drug deal that had gone bad.  After their mother remarried, the step father and their mother became so abusive to the children that they both were sentenced to prison.  Mother’s Day for this family will not be filled with good memories.  That is where you can help.

We are beginning our first annual Mother’s Day Offering.  Maybe you are a mother who has many memories current day or from the past of all the special times you have spent with your children such as a day in the park, crafts, board games, sports, family vacation, etc.  You can give a special offering so that we can offer these same memories to the children at Hope who will never have a mother like you.

IsabellaMaybe you have fond memories of your mother and would like to give as a way to show your love and support for the children in our care. Although their mother may not be a part of their life, with your help, Hope Children’s Home can continue to offer these children a place of love and security.  Providing them with a happy childhood and training them up in such a way so that one day they can be the mothers and fathers they need to be for their children.

May the Lord richly bless you as you give to make this Mother’s Day a special day for the children.

Please consider participating our 1st Annual Mother’s Day Offering.




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