Field Day

Jeruel Photography ©Field Day is an annual tradition that we have been doing for many years at our school. It’s a fun day to celebrate the end of the school year and all the accomplishments the children have made with their schoolwork. All the students and staff look forward to this day all school year long! The children are split up into different teams, and they compete in games and challenges to be the champions. This year, we honored our military and first responders with our teams, the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Police Officers, and Firemen. All of the children, from 2 years old to 18 get involved by having team spirit with their grand entrance ceremony. Each team tries to outdo each other by coming up with a wild, dramatic entrance. This is certainly the highlight of the day since all the teams work, plan, and practice for weeks to wow the rest of the teams. A special thank you to the Tampa Fire Department for bringing out a fire truck so our daycare children could have an awesome entrance! Some of the little ones even came in on a jogger stroller, that were purchased from the baby stroller center, disguised as mini firetrucks.

This year, the teams did relay races, sand scavenger hunts for the younger ones, dodgeball, knockout, paper airplane races, arm wrestling, and our new favorite game, the Human Hungry Hippo Game! The day finished with a candy toss and awards ceremony. Congratulations to this year’s champion, the Army!

All the teams and organizers did a great job to make another successful Field Day this year! Thank you to everyone that support Hope so that we are able to give the children special days like this that make lasting memories for them.

To learn more about our school, visit our School Website. If you would like to support the children, you can Donate Here.

View all the pictures from field day here.

Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography ©  Jeruel Photography © Jeruel Photography ©
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