Happy New Year!


There’s always something exciting about a new year or fresh start. It’s a time to refocus after the holidays. It’s a time to reflect on the events from the year before and facing the unknown of what the next year will bring. For us at Hope, we don’t know what children will come our way or need our help, but we know that we will continue to do the same thing we have always done, which is help change these children’s lives by giving them a loving environment, providing them with an excellent education, and teaching them the Word of the God. We have seen thousands of children over the last 47 years flourish using this same formula. It’s exciting to see a child get their “fresh start” or “new beginning” when they come to Hope. John and Emily, siblings, know exactly what this fresh start is all about when they came to Hope over 7 years ago. Read about their story in our current Jan/Feb Newsletter.

We are so thankful for all of you who have supported us from the beginning or just beginning to support us. You have a part in rescuing these children and giving them a loving home. We could not do what we do if not for your financial support. Would you like to help us give a child a fresh new start? Please Donate Now! You can make a one-time donation or help support the children all year long with a recurring monthly donation. You can also check out our Immediate Needs and Giving Catalog. Thank you so much for helping us “Rescue the Next Generation” for another year!




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