Congratulations Jose!

It was aboJose_youngut 12 years ago, when a family of five children were placed at Hope Children’s Home. Two girls, a boy, and a set of twins, Jose and Miriam. They didn’t know their father, and their mother could not take care of them. They all were saved, baptized, and grew in the Lord at Hope. Miriam, Jose’s twin, attended West Coast Baptist Bible College and received her Bachelor’s degree in three years. Today, we saw Jose, now 22, cross the platform and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management at Pensacola Christian College. Jose and his family have gone through some tough times in their lives, and most in his family have never even graduated high school; we are so proud of him for working hard, and accomplishing this in his life with the Lord’s help. 







Jose plans to move to Maine where he has a job opportunity and will continue his education to receive his Masters Degree.  Please continue to pray for Jose and his upcoming decisions. It is for children like Jose and his family that Hope Children’s Home exists. To receive a child, teach him the things of the Lord, equip him with a great education, and send him out to serve the Lord with all his might. This could not happen if not for God’s help and your support and investment in these children’s lives. When you give to Hope, you are helping children like Jose and his family.

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Congratulations Jose! We Love you and are proud of you!

One thought on “Congratulations Jose!

  1. georgetotica

    Praise God for the ministry of hope. My heart is filled with an excitement upon seeing the wonderful outcome of the ministrty of Hope. Please help us pray that God will help us to start such a ministry with my family as we help in a concerted effort to see the vision come into reality
    God bless you so much. I will include in my prayer list the ministry of hope children’s home.
    Pastor George M. Totica


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