Monthly Archives: January 2014

James’ Story

James, now 16 years old, came into our home 8 1/2 years ago with his two brothers and two sisters.  When James came to Hope, he was very behind in school and struggled emotionally. Over the years, not only has he grown physically (over 12 inches in just one year!), he has accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour, is back on his grade level making A’s and B’s for the first time ever in his life, and has found victory over some of the emotional issues of his past.

For many years, James and his brothers lived in the boys dorm separately from their sisters  in the girls dorm. It was a blessing  as we opened our second cottage this past year to be able to allow this family to live together in the same home. We are excited to see how James has grown spiritually and made this important step of baptism in his spiritual life. Please pray for James and his family as they continue to follow the Lord’s leading is their lives.

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Meet our New Child


Jordan, 15 yrs. old

A new year always puts you in a mindset of a fresh start or a new beginning. For our newest child, Jordan, this is a new start in her life that is good, but may come with challenges and adjustments. Jordan is 15 years old and from Savannah, GA. She has had some struggles in her life, please pray for her transition as she acclamates to her new environment.

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